Why So Many Methods Do Not Help You Quit Smoking

The addiction to smoking tobacco cigarettes is a huge problem, and as a result, there are too many websites to count operating nowadays that offer a wide variety of methods for quitting the habit.  While some offer the same techniques under different packaging and names; others are a completely different ball game altogether. However, a lot of people do not realise the key to successfully quitting smoking.

In the following post, we will look at the misconception about some of the most common methods for quitting and what the key is to successfully quitting the habit of smoking.

Various Techniques People Use To Quit

If you are really interested in giving up smoking, the right solution for you might be a completely different one for someone else – so you need to find what works for your problem.  Nicotine patches are often used, with the theory that by using them you are being withdrawn slowly away from using nicotine because less is in your life. However, there is surprisingly a rather low success rate for this method.  The same could be said for going ‘cold turkey’. that is, not smoking at all. This means that the desire to smoke, which is the real problem, is not solved just by removing or lessening the intake of nicotine.

Another popular way to combat an addiction to smoking is quit smoking hypnosis therapy.  For decades and decades, hypnotists have been benefiting financially from clients who believe hypnosis is the best way for them to give up smoking.  However, there has been evidence to suggest that while hypnotism could be effective in dealing with the habit of smoking, the vast majority of hypnotherapists do not know how to implement it correctly for this problem.

Real Key To Successfully Giving Up

This brings us on to the notion that, in order to quit smoking, you need to address the core issues that make you want to actually smoke in the first place.  This is actually true of many addictions, as addictions are almost entirely psychological problems with physical symptoms. Once you can determine why you are driven to smoke in the first place and deal with those feelings and emotions; combined with having that motivation that you want to quite and not give up – you will find it much easier to achieve.  

Why Do People Start Smoking?

It is a good idea to look at some of the most common reasons why people start smoking – which one are you of the following? –

Smoking to appear older, more mature because only adults are legally allowed to smoke.  

All my peers are doing it, and I want to be like my friends, so I started smoking.  It was a social thing and I wanted to be accepted by them.

Smoking is a glamorous and sexy thing.  Classic actors and actresses from the early, golden age of Hollywood through to modern day cinema smoke and look cool doing it.  I want to just be like them and then I can become more attractive.

However, the reality, as we are sure you now know as a fully grown adult that none of the above is true.  Understanding those motivations though can help you to put your addiction to smoking into perspective and may give you the drive to quit once and for all.