Why public relations is important for start-ups  

When starting your own business, there are many factors to consider, including employing staff, budgeting and finding your target market.

A key factor which can be forgotten in a business’ initial stages is Public Relations. If done correctly, Public Relations can expand a company’s client base by generating brand awareness, boost the business’ reputation, and also make the most of its budget.

According to the team at Adoni Media, there are many reasons why Public Relations is vital for any business, and to give you a better understanding, they have listed the top three.

Build strong relationships with your audience

The key to successful Public Relations is relationship building. Building a strong sense of connection and engagement between the company and a wider audience can positively impact the business – customers are likely to return to you if they feel they have a relationship with the brand. It’s also a means of connecting with potential stakeholders as news coverage acts to promote and endorse a brand, strengthening the company’s image.

An effective way to build relationships is by personally connecting with your audience. Try tailoring your message to a specific target group, sharing common interests or communicating with them directly to build trust – social media is a great channel to do this.

Stay relevant

Though you may be new on the market, stakeholders and audiences can lose interest very quickly and easily shift their attention to your company’s competition.

A great way to stay relevant is to think about what is newsworthy, whether it be local, national or international – depending on your audience. If you continue to stay in the news, your brand will be able to reach new heights.

Build brand credibility

Unlike advertising, Public Relations cannot be controlled so it’s important for a brand to be portrayed in a positive light.

To achieve this, relationships are again involved, but this time with journalists and the media. If you have a strong relationship with a journalist and they’re putting together a story needing comment, they’ll be likely to reach out.

As well as this, if you’re pitching a newsworthy topic to them, they’ll be more likely to accept and provide positive coverage of your company.

Though these relationships may not seem significant, they’ll contribute to building strong brand credibility in your industry.