What Are Nest Day Delivery Divan Beds?

Divan beds are the most commonly used type of bed. They are divided into two components; the mattress and the base. The hollow space of the base is turned into storage which becomes very useful. Then these boxes are covered with a hard frame on top (known as a platform top) or a sprung top (known as a sprung edge divan) which the mattress lie upon. This frame is very valuable because it gives the mattress a firm grip which provides a great comfort. To get a divan or other type of bed delivered quickly, visit more next day delivery beds UK.


These beds are commonly found in millions of homes because they are small and the drawers or slide compartments inside the divan beds make them very practical for bedrooms short on storage space. This is a key feature and advantage of this type of bed. A lot of things can be stored in those boxes and there will not be any need for extra furniture. You can store your clothes or bed sheets and other things which are light, but it is advised not to put heavy items inside of these beds as they can damage the bottoms of these drawers.


Another great advantage of the divan bed is that they make small rooms look spacious, neat and tidy. The compartments in the base of the divan bed can be either two or four depending on how much capacity you need. The other specialty these beds have is that they come in two separate pieces so that they can be easily carried or shifted from one place to another as most of the houses have small or narrow doorways, so you would not even find them heavy. This is great for manoeuvring them up a staircase too! Surprisingly divan bases are extremely light too!


Divan beds are also often served as orthopaedic beds for those people who have back problems; their support to the mattress keeps the back straight and eases out tension. Any type of mattress can be placed upon a divan base and various upholstered finishes are available for these beds like Jacquard, Micro Quilting and Damask. These covers enhance the beauty of these beds and give them a more luxurious and sumptuous look.


They come in varied sizes like single, double or king size and are basically constructed of a timber inner frame. They cost more than the normal bed frame because of the construction, fabrics used and benefits provided. This does not mean that they are un-affordable. They can last-long if you handle them with care and they are fit for any lifestyle of the person.