Tips for keeping your AC system in peak condition  

Tampa is probably one of the warmest areas in the country with the average annual temperature at 74 °F. As such, you need your AC to be performing at optimal levels throughout the year. 
Here are some of the ways you can achieve that;

Taking care of the filters
Filters are key to maintaining the efficiency of your AC system. Clogged and dirty filters inhibit normal airflow, which undermines the system’s performance. When regular airflow is hindered, air bypasses the filter and carries fine dust to the coil, which impairs its heat absorbing capacity.

Central air conditioners have their filters along the duct length mostly in walls, ceilings, furnaces, or in the air conditioner. Room ACs have their filters set up on the grill that faces the room.

Regularly cleaning the filters improves the system’s efficiency and reduces your system’s energy consumption. Some filters will work better after cleaning, but others will need complete replacement. However, before replacing, consult an AC installation company for proper diagnosis.

Clean your AC coil annually

A clean filter limits the amount of dirt that reaches the evaporator coil. However, after a while, the evaporator coil will still rack up some dirt. A dirty coil limits airflow and reduces the coil’s ability to absorb heat. Outdoor coils are most prone to dirt if the environment is a bit dusty.

The good news is that you can easily see the coil and you can tell when the dirt is building on the fins. Using a “fin comb,” you can easily clean the coil fins and get them working well again. Another measure is to clean the area around the coil and trimming the foliage around the coil.

Winter tip
During winter, cover your AC or remove it and store it safely. Also, cover the outdoor AC to prevent it from winter weather debris that will undermine its efficiency.

Hire a professional 
AC installation and maintenance companies have a wealth of experience in this niche. As such, it’s always a good idea seeking an opinion from them each time you detect faults on your system. A professional can detect any leaks in the system, inspect terminals and detect any connection problems.

Professional AC installation in TampaFL
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