Things for my kitchen

Tools and utensils based on your own kitchen and their uses: the essentials, the favorites and the most professional

At first we need the basics: a pot, a strainer, a pan – and a breadcrumb, because we live in Greece. As soon as we see how slowly we learn to cook and get an understanding of our needs, we can move on to buying a good chef’s knife, a multi-machine mixer that does almost everything … Many times, things do not just happen that way, because the dwelling houses were made or organized by others who were not able to appreciate our culinary knowledge and needs and we are about to have to start our homemade from the point, if not zero, at least from one. The utensils that we need, according to our needs and what we need to know about their purchase, can be also found at HouseByUs.

Buying kitchen equipment

As long as we read the utensils and pots we cite, we will feel that many of them do not know them and therefore do not need them. In fact, it’s not exactly like that. We may often need a vessel, of which we are ignorant of existence. Those who are now starting to equip the first kitchen of their lives needs only the absolutely necessary, because the other, the unknown, only place will catch them. What to do with a series of forms of cake of different shapes when it does not know or does not intend to make cakes? If sweets are not the priorities of our household, then the paragraph “the equipment of the confectioner” does not concern him at all.

The quality of the utensil plays a big part if we do not want to find a new one in two months. A well-balanced and well-designed pan will keep it better and will lengthen the life of our electric kitchen, asking for utensils that are well in contact with the fireplaces. For this reason, we know from the outset about what pots “fit” with our appliance, because certainly a light gas pot does not work in a conventional kitchen, nor in a kitchen with induction hobs, for which we also need special utensils.

Information, security and storage

Choosing the right equipment is not just a matter of protecting our electric kitchen or economy, it is of course a security issue. And of course, it does not only concern our choice of pots, but also how they are used. A pressure cooker, a pot that cooks with minimal water, no fat, a steam cooker or a mixer are always accompanied by booklets with instructions for their use. Which we read carefully before putting our first food in the saucepan, or because the pot needs some preparation from the beginning or why we need to know the temperatures it can withstand or, if it is an electrical device, its times of use, how to choose the right one fitting for each use and how, at the end of each process, we will wash the appliance to keep it more – knowing if we can put it in the washing machine or not.

It is important to check the stability of the handle, both the pot and the pan, as well as our knives. A handle that does not fit properly or is easily unscrewed and wobbles can get us out of hand and cause an accident.

One last choice of our appliances and utensils is their storage. We make sure we select devices that we have storage space or space to place in a prominent spot in our kitchen. The ideal would be to buy utensils that can be stored in one another to save space.

In the kitchen, especially in pastry, counting is necessary. We need an electronic precision balance, usually weighing up to 450 grams.

Surely in addition to weight, at some point, we will also want to measure the temperature: the roast with the special needle-thermometer, the freezer for safety reasons (especially when filled and the indicator flashes for hours), but especially the baking time even with seconds accuracy, as only the kitchen clock can deliver. As long as our electric cooker has a timer or a programmer, this tool is necessary because it gives us freedom of movement.