Talk Space and Better Help, Know what’s the Difference between the two

The modern ways of getting therapy is in your hands. In this busy life, you don’t have time to wait at the counselor’s office and wait for your session. With the advancement of latest technologies, now you can easily seek the therapy on your smartphone. The new technologies have made the therapy available to anyone including all those who are suffering from the depression, stress and anxiety disorder.

If you are searchig about the best applications that you should download in your mobile devices with the help of which you can easily seek the help, then you are at the right placeHere, we have analyzed the two most important apps/platforms that can help you to get help instantly. These two most popular platforms are BetterHelp and Talksapce.

Details about BetterHelp

The sole difference between the Talkspace and BetterHelp is that BetterHelp is recommended by the American Psychological Association. The ultimate goal of BetterHelp is to provide their user access to best quality counselor whenever they are struggling in their life. They want to assist the people so that they can forward a better and happier life.

Just like the Talkspace, you need to sign up for creating a BetterHelp account. After the assessment can be conducted in a proper way, you can use with the application or on the website. You can start communicating with one of the best counselors that you want to. You can also decide if the therapist is not the best match for you. This will be the real-time conversation and you will have to sit back and relax for a response from the site. For any case related to depression or stress, you can get instant help from the therapist and he assists help you to deal with it.

Details about Talkspace

This is perhaps the best and the most popular applications at this moment. The administrator of the applications claimed to have more than 500,000 users registered with their applications. Talkspace provides both the mobile as well as web platforms which is designed to assist you get in touch to one of the thousands experts and therapists immediately.

The procedure of signing up with the application is easy and fast. And you can start the conversation right away after signing up process. After you have done by making an account, you have to input your information. This is a minor part of the boarding process which you even have to provide to the counselor while visiting him in his office.

After filing the form and making the initial questions with the experts, they will find the right therapist for you. At this point, you will find the best type of help that you will get from their representatives. You can just by sending messages. The price of the sessions starts from just $32 for a 7 days and there are a few concerns over the privacy policy of the websites that you need to read before signing up for the counseling sessions.

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