Start In Calm And Un-Crowded Waters First

A tempting situation would be to imitate others around you. This can be dangerous for you if you do not know or have enough hands-on expertise. Even trying to follow the instructions in your class can be a difficult thing if you have not gone through the training session.

So, learning the lessons and playing them again and again in your head is not going to do the trick. You have to look for a calm place and practice them. Also, seek instructions from a good instructor around you. Prepare things under the guidance and follow the routine.

When you are surrounded by boats and yachtmen it is difficult to focus on your lesson. You might also face difficulty getting the space you need for doing your homework. This is why confined and cutoff areas are used for training newbies. It is advised to start small in calm and un-crowded waters – the area around Skiathos is perfect to learn sailing. It helps you focus on what you should and keeps distractions at bay. The low traffic, conditions like light wind, fewer waves and so on are perfect to get started. It could be really intimidating when starting out on your own, so keep your guide and follow the orders.

Check the conditions and learn to follow protocol

Whenever you are heading out, look out for the conditions. It pays well if you check the conditions beforehand. Check on information like weather, tides, wind speed, and other alerts so that you are prepared or might even choose to cancel the trip altogether. Always make sure you have the right gear and the safety kits with you. Even if you borrow and hire a charter, make sure it is up to mark and everything is included.

Practice in controlled environments

It is helpful to pay more attention to disasters and any situations leading to one. There is a proper drill to follow the right protocol and keep it in your head at all times. Prepare for problems and critical situations like boat capsizing, turning over, any accidents, something broken and so on. When you have help at hand, experimenting and training yourself in these situations in controlled environments are often the best way.

It offers you the practical experience that you cannot simply learn from your theory sessions or any kind of online videos. The ability to do it all by yourself in dire situations is important.

Injuries and their sources

Do you realize the first and major cause of injuries on board? It is something you must know first. Here is an opportunity to commit it to your memory once and for all. Be careful and watch out for the boom. The horizontal pole that extends from the bottom of the mast, the vertical pole, is solely responsible for some of the biggest crimes in the history of sailing. Be aware of it and stay clear. In a moment, it can send you off the boat into the waters and you would not have a second to react.

Always keep a watch for when the boom is about to swing.