Seven Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Considering Professional Voice Over Work

One of the hottest fields to come about in recent times is that of voiceover narration as it can include everything from corporate videos to e-learning courses. While this is a very hot field, it is also quite easy for clients to make a number of mistakes while creating a voice narration project.

The art of voiceover narration includes a narrator working off camera to provide a commentary on the visuals on-screen. While the overall concept of voiceover narration is fairly straightforward, there are a number of mistakes that can be made.


Many clients believe that narration is not a difficult process and will try to do it themselves. Considering the individual never has to appear on screen and all that is required is to talk.

It would actually be a rather easy task if the individual has the proper experience and equipment, however, they usually do not. In most cases, DIY narration projects typically sound like they were made in a closet. In many cases, there is little to no editing and the audio settings in time and are off.

The only way to end up with professional results is to hire a professional voiceover talent that is going to come with the proper production assistance.

Choosing Cost Over Quality

When individuals try to save money by using your own voice they are only setting themselves up for failure. They may have an incredible speaking voice or know somebody who does, however, by choosing a nonprofessional they’re going to end up with an inferior product.

It is important to understand that it is simply more than speaking words on a script. The individual in the project becomes the overall voice for the company. Individuals who choose inexperienced people for their project’s do not understand the importance of the voice in the video as the first impression for the company nor the importance of granting.

Wrong Voice for the Right Project

It is always possible to hire an experienced voiceover artist, but they are the wrong professional for the project. It is important to understand that not every professional is right for every project. Keep in mind that not every voice will work for every project, in fact, some voices may just be deemed annoying for a particular project.

Consider the fact that if you had a sensitive subject matter, would you want a really loud voice for that subject? Perhaps, you have a project that is dealing with a serious matter, do think your audience would like a perky almost comedic voice to listen to?

Finding the Right Pace

Another important aspect of narration is finding the right pace. There are going to be certain topics such as medical narration or e-learning, that will require a slower pace to allow the audience to gather the material at hand. However, the pace must remain fast enough to keep interest. The pace of the project is an essential element in narration projects and most experienced actors know how fast or slow they need to go for their particular audience.

Working With the Wrong Tone

If you have a project that involves medical procedures, you think the audience would trust a happy voice? Maybe your project involves various travel destinations, would your audience be inclined to visit a place described by an angry voice? For an e-learning course, do you think your students would be able to learn from a snarky voice? These three examples are just a small sampling of the wrong tone.

The tone of the artist is going to set the overall mood and is important that they are able to find the right one to not turn off the audience.

No Direction

The vast majority of professional voice over artists have the ability to read a script correctly and convey what you want and still add their artistic abilities to the script. However, to get the best results the client should be able to give some form of voice direction to the artist in terms of the target audience, style, and usage.

If you want your voice narration project to have a positive impact on your audience, it is important that you avoid any of these mistakes. The easiest way to do that is by choosing the perfect voiceover artist to have at your side.