SEO for photographers: Best practices

SEO marketing for photographers and videographers have taken off recently in a big way. What was once confined to a relatively exclusive realm of development professionals has now been honed into a legitimate marketing platform. So when it comes to SEO marketing, there is a ton of untested stuff out there adding noise to the conversation. So what exactly is the proper way to get about it? Read on for our top tips to achieve SEO for professional blog photographers and videographers.

Get those keywords!

Keywords are the first step to any SEO strategy and this one is no different. If you use specialised equipment for your photography that might be considered an USP, then make sure you put it in your keywords list. Terms like 360 video, virtual reality, VR, and drone photography can set you apart from your competition. This way you ensure that people who are looking for these services can immediately know that you provide those services. If your services are more on the budget end of the spectrum, put budget as a keyword. Use your common sense here and it is more than likely that you will be able to craft a sane and sensible SEO strategy. Be careful to not oversell yourself; if you do not offer drone photography services, resist the urge to put those terms as keywords. You do not want people leaving you bad reviews.

Focus using localisation parameters

Put the localities in which you operate as keywords. If there are certain cities to which you are willing to travel for assignments, put those in. If there are certain cities to which you will absolutely not go under any circumstances, put that term as a keyword to exclude. Localisation terms can really help you target people based on real world metrics and not more abstract things like services or technology. If you service a region that has a large number of people who speak another language, make sure you put in keywords from those languages as well; for instanceet, if you are a photographer in Texas, you should absolutely ensure that your website turns up in searches made in Spanish as well.

Attribute your images

As a photographer, your website is bound to have pictures. Ensure that you properly tag and attribute them so that search engines can better index the contents of your website. Tagging your images is a part of SEO that many people usually overlook in pursuit of more easily understandable parameters like keywords. Now messing with attributes and image tags is not something you should do on your own unless you are proficient in web development. Have your website maintainer or a professional SEO services company step in to do this for you.

SEO marketing for photographers can really provide you the edge you need to gain an advantage over your competitors. Photography is a really secretive and competitive industry since there are not many objective parameters that separate one photographer from another. In the end, good SEO and great web design might be the difference in getting customers to pick up the phone or email you with an enquiry.