Rules for Engagement Parties

Once you have made your engagement official, you will be busy planning for your wedding. It is very easy for you to overlook your engagement party. Although an engagement party is not mandatory, most engaged couples will have a parent or a close friend who would love to throw an engagement party for them. There are several rules that you should know about engagement parties.

Who Should Host an Engagement Party?

Unless the engaged couple will be using a party to announce their engagement, it is considered inappropriate for the couple to host their own engagement party. Additionally, the couple should not ask a family member or a friend to throw them an engagement party. Instead, they should wait for someone to offer to throw them an engagement party. This rule is flexible if the couple is close to their family.

Typically, one of the parents of the couple will host an engagement party; however, there may be times when each family will host a separate party, especially if the families live in different parts of the country. A close friend or a family member like the maid of honour or the best man can offer to host an engagement party if the parents of the couple do not offer to host an engagement party.

The engagement party may take place in the nicely decorated back garden of the relative or at a chic bar like Apples and Pears Bar. It is completely up to the hosts to decide where they want to hold the party.

When Should the Party Be Held?

Although there is no rule as to when the engagement party should be held, it is typically held soon after the engagement is announced or at least several months before the wedding. The engagement party should be held within three months of the couple’s engagement or nine to twelve months before the wedding.

You should gather key information before the engagement party, including the wedding date and venue. If the venue has not been determined, give a general idea of the location. The couple should also have the engagement ring and/or wedding rings at the party because they will be a star of the party. Many people do not have the time to plan an engagement party between the engagement and the wedding day.

Who Should Be Invited to the Party?

Although celebrities often host big engagement bashes, it is recommended that the engagement party be a small, intimate gathering of the couple’s family and close friends. You should not invite anyone to your engagement party that you are not intending to invite to your wedding. Keeping your party small is the safest way to go.

Typically, the engagement party is held by one of the couple’s parents. Make sure that an equal number of family members from each family is invited to the party. One of the main purposes of the engagement party is for the couple’s two families to meet one another and get to know one another in a relaxed environment before the day of the wedding.

Are Gifts Required?

Guest are not required to bring gifts and the couple should not expect gifts. Some couples register for engagement gifts; however, this can appear greedy because the guests will also be purchasing a wedding present within a few months. You should not mention anything about gifts unless it is to state that you do not want any gifts.

Although it is not necessary, your guest may want to bring a gift to congratulate the happy couple. Make sure you give the host of your party some ideas, in case any guest asks for ideas. Make sure that a thank you card is sent to all the guests who attended the party whether they brought a gift to the party or not.

Party favours are not necessary for an engagement party; however, the engaged couple may want to give their guest a small token of appreciation. Handing out a save the date trinket is a great idea. Another idea is to give guests a bottle of wine with a save the date wedding label.