Preventing Asset Theft: How Thieves Think

It’s a manager’s responsibility to protect an organisation’s assets. Most of these assets are valuable and expensive and may include trucks, cars, trailers, or tools and equipment used by the company. So, how can a manager protect a company’s assets?

One of the best ways to be proactive about vehicle and equipment theft is by knowing how a thief may think. Doing this is important as it will enable you as a manager to spot any vulnerabilities in your company’s security system before a thief takes advantage of them.

Protect Your Fleet by Thinking like A Thief

I am sure that some people reading this article are wondering how one can think like a thief. If you are among them, read on to find out how to do this. So, without further ado, here are tips for thinking like a thief:

  1. Thieves Love Window Shopping

Thieves often love visibility as it gives them an opportunity to steal. Therefore, leaving valuables like handheld electronics, laptops, specialty equipment or tools visible can present an opportunity for theft. More valuable items like the Babyfoot Bonzini Foosball are sought after by thieves and displaying them in front of windows and clear doors is an open invitation to the thieves.

It is a good idea to keep your tools and equipment in hidden areas to deny a thief such an opportunity. You can easily ensure that all the tools and equipment are in their rightful place by assigning storage areas for any asset of value.

  1. Thieves Love Making a Quick Buck

Thieves are interested in things they can sell for a profit. That explains why construction equipment like trailers and work trucks, which have a high selling value, are among the leading targets for theft. Ensure that you know the going rate for all your assets as this will help you know what is expensive and a popular target for thieves.

Construction equipment is also a leading target when it comes to theft as they always don’t have serial numbers making it difficult for a buyer to know whether or not it was stolen. Ensure that all your assets are clearly branded and labelled to discourage thieves from stealing it.

This is because of the fact that permanent identifiers can make it obvious that a certain asset was stolen in case a thief tries to sell it. A thief knows that he or she will require extra effort to get money from such an asset.

  1. Thieves Aren’t Risk Takers

Thieves will try as much as possible to avoid being caught. Therefore, they don’t like taking risks. For example, they don’t like stealing an asset that is locked down with a heavy duty lock or locks and an alarm system as it increases the chances of getting caught.

  1. Thieves Do Not Like Being Caught

I know that this may seem obvious but it is critical in understanding how a thief thinks and how you can prevent them from stealing your assets. As a manager, you need to try as much as you can to make it a hassle for anyone to steal from you and get away with it.

Catalogue your equipment on a regular basis and add an account for everything. When you realise that something is missing, look for a way to deal with the problem and catch the thief.

Have a recovery system in place. A good recovery system entails using GPS tracking technology for your assets. Your GPS tracking system device needs to be concealed to make it difficult for a thief to see it and deactivate it. Some people make a mistake of trying to be heroes with their GPS tracking software by chasing after thieves by themselves.

Instead, it is good to report any theft to law enforcement. Report asset theft whether you have a GPS tracking technology system or not. Last but not least, ensure that you have adequate insurance as this will prepare you for the worst case scenario in which an asset is stolen and can’t be recovered.

Take measures to prevent theft before it happens. Remember that thieves will find a way to exploit any security vulnerabilities. Ensure that your assets are armed with as many recovery systems and theft deterrents as possible. The more the measures you take to protect your assets, the more difficult it is for thieves to exploit any security vulnerabilities.