Method of cleaning wooden curtains:

These curtains are also used in houses or offices, but this type of curtains needs to be cleaned continuously because they accumulate in the soil in a large way, which makes their shape very bad.

  • It is possible to use the vacuum cleaner or the device of the balloon is working to expel the dust from the curtains and the force of air rush from the device.
  • It is possible to make a mixture of water and liquid cleaning the curtains and dip in a piece of cloth and we wipe a piece of the curtains of wood carefully with the careful wiping of the gutter and micro openings because they are filled with dust شركة تنظيف  ..
  1. Cleaning the Curtain Curtains:

Bugs and curtains are made of furniture of each house, but one of the problems we suffer from is that the dancer is not easy to remove from its place to wash it because it is installed in a panel of wood on the wall, so we need a way to clean the curtains easily without effort.

– First we pass the small brush from the vacuum cleaner to the Barka from all sides to suction the amount of dust from the curtains and curtains, and that permanently and continuously at intervals.

Second, the burqa can also be wiped with a piece of sponge that is immersed in a mixture of liquid soap for the curtains and water and left to dry with air.

  1. Cleaning of white curtains:

White from the colors that quickly get dirty especially the curtains because it is exposed to the dust and dust inside of the windows, but you need a simple way to wash it until we restore the brightness and white …

  • We make a mixture of half a cup of salt with half a cup of lemon juice and add in a large amount of water and washing powder and then soak white curtains for an hour to two hours and we are filtered from the water and rinsed with water only, and we will notice that the curtain became clean and white.

Cleaning of blinds:

Blinds are curtains that are difficult to unpack to wash and bring them back to شركات النظافة  their place so we need a perfect way to clean the blinds without washing so as not to rust ..

  • We only use the apparatus of the plastic or vacuum cleaner in terms of expelling the air strongly and pass it on the curtains from all sides to blow dust and dust.
  • If the curtains have patches or adhesive dirt, it is possible to wipe them with a piece of wet sponge and then dry them with a piece of dry cloth so as not to rust and damage.

84- Method of washing white curtains:

We should make a simple mixture to wash the white curtains and restore the whiteness and shine until the house is beautiful and clean always ..

  • We make the white curtain in the amount of water added to the juice of lemon for an hour to two hours and then rinsed, lemon whitens the curtain and makes it white …