Exness is one of the best forex brokers 2018 which are popular in some Asian countries so there are some good reasons to prove its brand name. With my experience in trading with many various brokers in the world, I believe that Exness is the most reliable one for all traders, especially trading beginners.

Exness has some strong points to attract more experienced traders because its trading conditions are better for them than other brokers. So traders often choose to trade with Exness.

In this article, I will clarify some aspects of Exness for your deeper understanding.

  1. Exness’s payment system.

Exness forex broker is listed in top 10 best forex brokers due to its instant payment system. Actually traders can withdraw and deposit money through Exness’ system within milliseconds, which saves much time and helps traders catch the best time for making profit. Due to faster transfer speed, traders tend to choose Exness instead of other brokers. That is the reason why Exness is the biggest broker with the best payment system in the world.

Exness has some local banks in some countries in the world such as Thailand, Philippines and so on. This is the best one to have the close approach to their traders as well.

  1. Good customer service

Exness also possesses the best customer service to cover all requests from customers. They provide the support channel on 24/7 with various languages, beside main language – English. Traders from non-English countries can choose to trade with Exness because they support them in many languages such as Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese and Persian. Moreover, through this channel, traders can leave their message to require them to call back to you if there is any urgent case.

  1. Lowest spread

The lower the spread is, the more traders the broker has. And Exness is the lowest spread broker in the world. The spread is around $0.1 pip for USD. Low spread can help brokers have more opportunities to save money for trading and gain the profit as well. Depending on the types of account, the spread is different however in comparison with other top ECN brokers, Exness has the lowest spread in the world. So if you are the beginner, it is much better to trade with Exness to save the trading cost. Traders will have more funds to invest in their orders.

  1. The high leverage

Leverage is the ratio of the traders’ fund to the size of the broker’s credit. Among two brokers with different leverage rate, traders tend to choose the higher leverage broker because it is obvious that traders can get more profit during their trading if they win. In contrast, the higher leverage is safer for traders. Unlimited leverage means traders don’t need to pay anything for margins.

  1. Exness’ credibility

As you know that Exness is listed in the biggest forex brokers in the world. So which evidence does it prove?

Exness possesses some reliable licenses of regulations such as CySEC, CFD and FCA which means that Exness is reliable enough for traders in UK. Because these regulations are from UK organizations.

Traders from other countries, especially in Asia, can choose Exness as their own broker because of its credibility and its customer service and payment system.

In short, Exness reviews show that this is the reliable broker for traders who are beginners or experienced traders. I believe that you would not regret as choosing Exness.