How can businesses contribute to the community?

There is no doubt that corporate social responsibility is big news for all businesses these days. Consumers place a huge emphasis on not only dealing with a company that provides great service but also supports their community.

This is not only because it will have a positive impact on your organization’s success but also because it is the ethical thing to do. Taking steps to support the community that you are based in will help to give a little back to the people who have helped you succeed and also make people’s lives better.

How can your business contribute to the community?


Many more business owners are beginning to see that this is the right kind of activity to be engaged in. Of course, the main problem can be thinking of ways to go about it. Here, we take a look at some easy and effective ways to get involved with the people around you:

  • Open days – why not hold an open day where the local community can come on-site and learn about what you do? This will not only allow you to integrate with them more but will also provide some fun for local families who need it. If you really want to give back, then why not put on free food such as a BBQ and give away goodie bags for people to take home?


  • Donate money – another great way that you can help in the local area is to donate money. This could be to a local school, nursery or community group. When you start to look into the organizations in your area that need financial help, you will soon find lots of choice. Many companies will simply donate a percentage of their annual profits to an organization of their choosing each year.


  • Build local facilities – one other amazing way of giving back to your community is to construct or help fund new facilities. This could be something such as a children’s playground for the families in the area to use. This kind of activity will really help you feel good and contribute greatly to people’s lives.

Support local charities


Many companies will choose to contribute to the community by giving financial or physical support to charities. This could be where your business is based on a more global scale, depending on which cause you feel strongly about. It could be in the form of fundraising events, donations or letting staff have time off to physically help.

FreeLotto is one company that has really taken this on board, as the list of FreeLotto’s charities shows. By taking steps to meet its social and ethical responsibilities, it shows what can be done when business and community come together.

Community is important


Sometimes, you can get so caught up with running a business and surviving that you forget that we are all part of the same community. Whether on a local or global scale, businesses now must engage in activities that not only help the community but also give something back in a real, tangible sense. This will not only make the world a better place but will also have a positive impact on your brand image.