Hit the Road in a Minibus and Visit England on Your Next Vacation!

It costs a lot of money to travel by both plane and train. In particular, taking your family on vacation can get quite expensive when you factor in the cost of transportation. Driving seems like the easiest answer at first, but you may not have the room in your car or may not be comfortable trying to get everyone and everything to fit in the available space. These aren’t your only options, though. Have you considered travelling by minibus?

“It is a great way to get around England, especially if you aren’t planning to travel to another country and only need your normal driving licence for minibus carrying up to 16 passengers,” says a former HGV trainer at The LGV Training Company. But, where will you go? Here are a few of the best holiday spots to check out on your next vacation!

The Cotswolds

There are so many beautiful sights to see in the Cotswolds; there are meadows that stretch far beyond your line of sight, gorgeous hills and incredible villages that will remind you of a simpler time. It is not hard to get there, and the views are amazing as you make your way closer to your destination. Once you get there, you have your choice of activities. For example, go on a hike, grab a bite to eat, or just immerse yourself in the culture.

The Yorkshire Dales

Also called “God’s Own Country,” the Yorkshire Dales provides visitors with amazing views of beautiful greenery and incredible countryside. If you want to step outside of the city and take a break from all the craziness of your daily schedule, this is the perfect destination. Take in the waterfalls and rivers, visit the peaceful villages and farms and just immerse yourself in the culture.

The Lake District

The Lake District is always a popular holiday destination. Of course, you can go swimming if you’d like. But, there is also a lot to see; a quick drive through the area provides visitors with amazing views of the hills and greenery. It is true that you never know what will happen with the weather, but that isn’t a reason to stay away. Try your hand at camping, or rig up the sailboat and go for a little trip.

Devon & Cornwall

Do you plan to drive south? Why not take in Devon and Cornwall? The weather is usually nice and you can’t beat a visit to the beach. Not only that, but you will see some unusual sights, like trees that only grow in this area and little fishing villages with a lot of charm. Think about taking a bike ride through the countryside while you are there!

The Peak District

The Peak District is filled with a lot of beautiful hills. The White Peak has limestone valleys and charming towns. The Dark Peak has the moorland and is located to the north. Most people really enjoy driving through the Peak District, as it is a little different than a normal road trip. You’ll have incredible views of the national park as well, which makes this a wonderful trip for the entire family.

Before you head out on your vacation, you will have to get a license to drive a minibus, but that process isn’t as complicated as you would think. Do your research, put in a little bit of time, and before you know it, you’ll set off on your first new adventure! So, what are you waiting for? Start discovering all that England has to offer. Take your next vacation into your own hands and start exploring on a minibus!