Gold: An Excellent Investment

Whether you’re investing for your retirement years or you’ve been searching for a great way to balance a portfolio of risky investments with a steady and strong performer, gold can be the right place to put your money and your confidence. Gold began to appear in currency around 800 B.C. and has continued to be a metal that’s respected for the value and rich history it offers. Buying gold is an easy way to put some money away and have a safe and secure investment that’s expected to increase steadily in value over a long period of time.

Here are some great reasons to invest in gold when you use your CFDPremium account:

Value – Since it began to appear in coins gold has been able to hold its value. When compared to paper currency, coin, or other assets you can own, gold stands tall as the place to put your money and know you’re not going to lose money. This is also an excellent investment that can be passed down to grow wealth over several generations.

Currency Value – Whether you compare gold to the US Dollar, the Euro, or to Yen, you’re going to realize all currencies are weak in one way. There’s a huge amount of fluctuation that can take place when a currency is used. Between 1998 and 2008 the value of the dollar fell as compared to other currencies but the price of gold tripled in value during the same time. Gold has historically been an excellent investment because it doesn’t fluctuate the same way currencies do.

Inflation – Gold is one of the few investments you can make that will continue to increase with the cost of living. Prices of gold have soared over the years as we see the cost to live in our areas has increased. Even at a time when your grandparents could buy a gallon of milk, a carton of eggs, and a loaf of bread for a nickel, gold was one of the most widely respected and highest performing investment vehicles offered in the market.

Deflation – What you might not know about gold is the fact that it doesn’t often see a price drop. Even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, gold was the material that offered a respectable price and was the right investment to help bring the economy back in line. Those who owned gold during this time didn’t experience as much of a financial recession as the rest of the country.

Global Political Uncertainty – Regardless of the political crisis that can occur around the world, gold will continue to be a valuable asset and one that isn’t affected by the different issues that can occur in a variety of global markets. When the European Union experienced a crisis recently, gold continued to hold its value.

Supply and Demand – The gold that’s currently in the market has been around for nearly twenty years with the mining of gold slowing. While a few mines are being added around the world, it can take up to five years for a mine to begin to truly produce the gold desired. This creates a short supply that’s in great demand which caused the price of gold to increase and be an excellent asset for you to own.

Find the safety net of gold and add it to your portfolio when you sign on and make use of your CFDPremium account. Gold can be the right place for you to have the long-term value and growth you’re looking for. Gold has proved to be the right investment since it began to be used in coins and it can the right investment for you today.