Go Through The Juno Markets Review To Know How To Trade The News In Forex

If you do not know how to trade the news in Forex then the Juno Markets review will help you a lot to know what it is and how to work with it. The term “trade the news” refers to those folks who rather read newspapers all day instead of monitoring the charts for hours in an attempt to make out what those red and green lines on it mean. They are ideally the “fundamental traders” and in other words ‘trade the news’ means those traders that take help of the news to open long or short positions.

Two types of news

Ideally, there are two types of news in Juno Markets. One is the recurring news which refers to the news typically scheduled in advance and repeated week after week or even month after month. News such as initial jobless claims may recur weekly while the NFP report may come repeatedly month after month. The other type is the one-time news. This means these will come out of the blue once in a while with all unexpected events. Theimpact of such news tends to be much stronger than recurring news. It is all due to the surprise element and the intensity factor involved.

How to trade

Trading with recurring news is very common in this market and is also a very easy practice for the professional investors. This is because it requires to be sharply informed but without the need of any technical traders. You will need a calendar of these news, technical analysis and follow a specific strategy. As for one-time news, the best way to trade is to react as soon as possible. Though it is impromptu, you must react with a cool head, not your heart. Leaving your emotions behind is the key to success by the end of the session.