Everything you need to know about the roulette wheel

Ask any gambler and they’ll tell you the same thing: nothing gets the adrenaline pumping quite like a spinning roulette wheel. It’s one of the oldest and most iconic pieces of equipment in the entire casino. But though many of us enjoy the thrill of resting our fate in a single spin, few of us know very much about the wheel itself. That’s why we’re going to tell you a little bit about the roulette wheel’s fascinating history, as well as all the major parts that go into building it.

History of the roulette wheel

The roulette wheel was actually invented by mistake. A 17th century mathematician named Blaise Pascal had been trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. For those of you who don’t know, this would be a machine that could keep moving by itself without relying on another source of energy.

Scientists now know that such as machine would be impossible; it would have to defy the laws of physics. So it’s not surprising that Pascal’s invention didn’t work. Nevertheless, his failed attempts did lead to the invention of something else: the roulette wheel.

The roulette wheel today

Roulette wheels today can be divided into two types: American roulette wheels and European roulette wheels. The major difference between the two is the number of zero pockets on the wheel. The European version has only a single zero pocket. The American version, on the other hand, has both a zero and a double-zero pocket.

Both are made up of the same parts. There’s a bowl and wheelhead, as well as deflectors and pockets. You can find out more about the different parts of the wheel and learn their functions by checking out our simple guide below.

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