Different Type Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Their Treatment

Sexually Transmitted Diseases can arise when you have sex without a condom, either through intimate vaginal, anal or oral contact. However, the chances of infection increase when you have several partners at the same time, and these diseases affect men and women of all ages equally.

Generally, these infections cause symptoms that affect the genital organs such as pain, redness, small wounds, flow, swelling, difficulty urinating or pain during intimate contact and, to identify the correct disease, it is necessary to go to the gynecologist or urologist to perform the exams that are necessary.

For treatment, normally, the doctor indicates the use of antibiotics or antifungals from https://www.kusuriexpress.com in the form of tablets or ointments, since ETS usually have a cure, except AIDS and herpes.Here are the symptoms and treatments of all STDs, also called Sexually Transmitted Diseases or venereal diseases:

  1. Chlamydia

Chlamydia can cause symptoms such as yellowish and thick discharge, redness of the genital organs, pain in the pelvis and during intimate contact, however in many cases the disease causes no symptoms and the infection goes unnoticed.

The disease is caused by bacteria through unprotected intimate contact or by sharing sex toys.

How to treat: Normally, the treatment is done with antibiotics such as Azithromycin or Doxycycline. Learn more about Chlamydia at クスリエクスプレス.

  1. Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a disease caused by bacteria, which can arise in both men and women, and is transmitted through unprotected intimate contact or by sharing sex toys.

The bacteria can cause pain when urinating, yellowish discharge similar to pus, vaginal bleeding outside menstruation, abdominal pain, red balls in the mouth or pain during intimate contact. Learn more about the symptoms of gonorrhea.

How to treat:  the treatment must be done with the use of antibiotics such as Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin, if the treatment is not done, it can affect the joints and the blood, putting the life of the individual at risk. It can be easily obtain from from ベストケンコー.

  1. HPV – Genital warts

This infection is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which promotes the growth of skin lesions called genital warts that appear on both the male and female genitalia, which may have a smooth or rough texture, the colour may vary depending on of the skin tone and they do not cause pain but they are contagious.

How to treat:  genital warts have no cure, because the HPV virus remains numb in the body, but there is treatment with the application of ointments such as Aldara or Wortec on warts. Crises can arise due to situations such as excessive alcohol consumption, high fatigue and stress. See how HPV treatment is .

  1. Genital herpes

They can cause fever, pain when urinating and flow in the case of the woman. Know all the symptoms that genital herpes can cause in How to identify the symptoms of Genital Herpes.

How to treat: the treatment must be done with medicines such as Aciclovir, Valaciclovir or Famciclovir, helping to reduce the discomfort caused by the symptoms