Back to School with € 20 000 at SL Casino in Riga

SL Casino gives an interesting start to the autumn of 2018! Guests receive an original opportunity to participate in the promo Back to School. The final is scheduled for October 13, and lucky winners will get a chance to win their part of the prize fund of € 20 000.

The beginning of the school year is now attractive even for adults, the company of Michael Boettcher, Storm International, managing the Shangri La Casino network, offers a number of autumn lotteries. The Riga unit invites all gamblers of the Latvian capital to try their luck and compete for additional jackpots.

Drawings will be held in Riga’s Shangri La, Michael Boettcher said, in Small Game and in Big Game. Each of the games includes 9 drawings, and in each subsequent drawing the size of the jackpot increases. The maximum size of the jackpot is € 7 000.