The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and How Lives will Forever be Changed

Artificial intelligence is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Actually, it has not been fictional ever since Alan Turing tested machines that were capable of intelligent behavior. Almost four decades after him, a computer or basically a program defeated the reigning world chess champion Garry Kasparov. Fifteen years later, we had deep machine learning in 2012. Today, we have robots with varying degrees of artificial intelligence.

One such robot is Nadine who looks human-like with skin & hair that look natural. Nadine has been developed by Nadia Thalmann, professor at NTU. Nadine was introduced as a social humanoid. She is capable of acknowledging a person when someone enters a room, she can make eye contact and also remember the face of the person. Nadine can crack jokes and she can also be upset if provoked. She listens and smiles. In time, Nadine is expected to move and walk around. She is also expected to grasp things with her hands. The robot powered by artificial intelligence created in Singapore has been one of the most impressive displays in recent years. From 2015 when it was first made public at Nanyang Technological University’s Institute for Media Innovation to now, Nadine has undergone substantial evolution. She can now remember conversations. Another public display is on the cards.

Artificial intelligence has truly arrived and it is poised to change our lives forever. However, all fears emanating from conspiracy theorists and doomsday advocates are a little unsubstantiated. It is true that artificial intelligence will destroy millions of jobs. The destruction could be billions of jobs over the decades. However, the millions of jobs that will be wiped off in the next few years will also be compensated because the industry itself will create many more jobs than what would get lost. What should truly excite everyone is the scope of utility of various types of artificial intelligence.

The biggest and actually the most significant contribution of artificial intelligence is and would be in healthcare. There are already systems that can scan genes and detect certain forms of cancer. Healthcare can be truly personalized as it can become effectively predictive and proactively responsive with the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is making transformative changes in many industries including retail, banking, transport, food & beverage, dating and even personal relationships. There are programs that can assess the compatibility between two people, say husband and wife or partners, and make recommendations to improve their relationship. The program can suggest everything from what to have for dinner to where they should go for holidays.

The likes of Google Maps that use artificial intelligence have already changed how people drive around. Not many people get lost on their way anymore. Artificial intelligence would influence education, tourism, economics and even farming. It is already taking care of a lot of heavy lifting in the finance, insurance and banking sectors. The fear that artificial intelligence would become more intelligent than the human brain is a little far-fetched. Even humans don’t have a complete understanding of what our brains are capable of. It is hence premature to think that we can create something that would be more powerful or better than what we don’t fully understand.

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