4 Types of Anesthesia Machines for Your Medical Practice

Many medical supply companies have a range of used anesthesia machines for sale available to them for purchase, which have been refurbished and both look and functions like new machines. Often these machines offer medical practices a budget-friendly way to acquire an anesthesia machine, and it can come with a warranty. Let’s look at four of the types of used anesthesia machines for sale for your medical practice:

  1. Refurbished GE Aestiva 7900

The GE Aestiva 7900 is designed with open architecture, meaning you will be able to easily incorporate it into your existing equipment, such as monitors and other accessories. With an advanced ventilation system, the GE Aestiva 7900 provide a budget-friendly option for top-quality anesthesia therapy. Monitors and other controls are placed so as to allow you to be close to the patient, while both sitting or standing. This Aestiva model also comes with an Integrated Breathing System, with an integrated breathing circuit that help to prevent disconnection and damage. The breathing circuit and SmartVent ventilator are linked via smart sensors. 

  1. Refurbished Drager Fabius GS

The electrically driven Fabius E-Vent doesn’t need drive gas to function, making it an economical and flexible option for your anesthesia machine, as medical grade gas is only needed for patient use. The Fabius GS model is appropriate for both pediatric and adult use, and offers Volume Controlled Ventilation, Synchronize Volume Control (SIMV), Pressure Support, and Pressure Controlled Ventilation, as well as Manual/Spontaneous Modes. Spontaneous breathing is supported via the Pressure Support mode, which eliminates breathing work caused by circuit resistance, which ultimately betters the quality of patient comfort. 

  1. Refurbished Drager Fabius Tiro

The Drager Fabius Tiro was designed with operations that occur outside operating rooms in mind. Created to have the functionality of other Fabius systems in a portable, compact model, the Fabius Tiro offers a brightly lit workspace. This model comes equipped with a breathing system designed for convenience, COSY. The Fabius Tiro can be easily disassembled, so each component that has come into contact with patient gas can be sterilized. This machine has the ability to ventilate any patient, even if a more complex procedure for a sicker patient is required.

  1. Refurbished Aestiva MRI

The Aestiva MRI is an anesthesia system designed to be compatible with your MRI suite. Equipped with a Magnetic Field Strength Monitor (Gauss Alarm), this system warns when it’s too close to the MRI magnet, up to 3T. The ergonomic handles provide ease of movement for the machine, and it comes with the Tec 7 Vaporizer with Easy-fil, making agent filing easier and helping to minimize leaks.