Top 5 Timeless Tips for Dating in New York City

Dating in these times can be harder than it looks. Sometimes, on the other hand, it can be as simple as swiping right and finding the perfect date with potential to turn into a meaningful relationship. Modern-day dating is nothing like that of the past and the ones who succeed at the art are always breaking the rules.

If you’re still testing waters when it comes to dating apps, or if you’ve had a not-so-pleasant experience on a blind date, here are the best five tips for you to make the most of your dating experience in the charming city of New York.

Be open to dating more than one person at a time

There is nothing wrong with this, and the person you date is most likely doing it, too. Meeting two or more interesting individuals on the same evening or the same weekend can spoil you for choice and give you a better sense of what you really want in a dating partner.

Since you’ve not committed yourself to any one person, meeting more people does in no way mean that you’re cheating on a date. Take it like you’re meeting new people to make new friends. Do the hard work to find the right person.

Get over the waiting game

Waiting to make the right move, and so on, is passé. If you like someone and feel that it will be nice to get to know them, ask them out. Don’t let what you’ve seen on TV or in movies while growing up deter you, or you might lose out on a good match.

It doesn’t matter anymore who makes the first move and when. Life is too short and too unpredictable to be waiting or to keep the other person waiting.

Intimacy calls for good judgment

Remember that there are no set rules to how intimate you want to get after the first date. It all depends on how two people click and if they find it worthy to take the relationship forward. Share any concerns and queries with your date over text or a phone call and take it easy if you sense discomfort or apprehension on either side—yours or theirs.

Make the most of your time in NYC

If you’re visiting NYC for vacation or business and would like to explore the city’s dating culture, using the dating apps is a good idea. Who knows, any date can materialize into something meaningful—or not!

On the other hand, taking along a companion, such as Chanel Carvalho, on a business or personal trip might be worth exploring if you’re looking to have a meaningful experience san the fuss.

Change the dating game

Lastly, say goodbye to old-world dating concepts that made it mandatory for women to act coy and for men to foot the bill. If you both feel like you’d rather spend the evening watching Netflix, go do it. If clubbing is not your scene and your date won’t mind it, opt for a quiet and relaxed dining experience where you both can have a conversation.