Restaurant Furniture Buying Guide for New Restaurant Owners

Setting up a new restaurant, bar or pub needs the owner to take a lot of factors into account. These include the location, the potential footfall, the cuisines to be offered, the drinks menu, the kitchen equipment and supplies, and, last but not least, the restaurant’s furniture and décor.

A restaurant’s décor and atmosphere can make or break its impression on the customer from the word go. Before a customer sits down to taste the food, they will judge an establishment by its ambience, and furniture plays an important role in telling the right story that a restaurateur wants to tell the world.

With the plethora of options available today, and restaurant themes that keep changing by the season, buying the right seating, table and other furniture requires thought and prudence. This is one of the larger investments you’ll make in your restaurant, so the decision needs to be an informed one.

Here are the top 3 tips on how to choose chairs and tables for your restaurant.

Make comfort the prime deciding factor

People come to restaurants not only to have a great meal or drink, they come to unwind and forget their day-to-day stresses. So, your chairs and couches should be as comfortable as possible.

Remember that to retain customers, you need seating that’s comfortable and functional, and not just fantastically designed. Even if your theme is rustic, your customers should not have to contend with uncomfortable chairs and stools, particularly if you expect them to spend a good amount of time at your place.

Choose low-maintenance furniture

If upholstered furniture is what you’re looking at, it’s a great choice for giving your customers a comfortable dining experience. However, upholstery can be hard to clean, compared to simple wooden, metal or plastic chairs. One alternative is to opt for vinyl or faux leather instead of fabric. But if it is fabric that appeals to your aesthetic sense, then opting for darker colors may be a good idea.

Similarly, glass table tops are easier to clean than wooden ones, though glass can scratch easily. If yours is a family restaurant, look for modern furniture that’s free of these constraints of conventional restaurant furniture.

A great way to get all your discount restaurant supplies, including restaurant furniture, at one place is to place bulk orders with a trusted online seller. This way you get access to the latest variety across different categories and get a hassle-free and convenient buying experience. Online restaurant supply companies give you better pricing, larger variety, doorstep delivery and bulk purchase discounts if you cross the minimum threshold.

Consider stackable/foldable chairs and tables

Note that not all restaurant chairs are foldable or stackable. If yours is an easygoing watering hole with a casual theme, foldable chairs and tables are a great option as they give you the freedom to clear or add seating space as needed.

If you plan to hold regular events that require standing space—music concerts for instance—then go for lightweight, foldable furniture. It will be easier to lift, move and store away.