Bad Materials for Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can instantly increase the value of your property and make it look more high-end and luxurious. It goes without saying, if your upgrades are done by professionals of House Renovationsand with the right choice of materials. If you are just planning a kitchen remodel, discover what materials it is better to avoid:

Marble countertops

This may be a controversial choice since marble is incredibly popular and beautiful material. However, this material needs high maintenance and requires frequent proper cleanings, besides, it can easily be scratched. If you want a high-end countertop material, opt for granite instead.

Trendy backsplashes

Backsplash ideas change every year. If you decide to use a trendy backsplash material, you are taking the risk that the trend goes out of style in the next few years. Glass and metal backsplashes are popular right now for kitchen wall tile installation, but it is hard to predict when this fad will fade. Instead of opting forthe hottesttrend at the moment, choose a classic style of tiles for your kitchen.

Matte paint

Matte paints are harder to clean, to keep messes restricted to the countertops. Using a cleaner and wiping down matte paint, there is a chance you could ruin the layer of paint and have to do wall repainting. Choose a glossier paint for the kitchen and keep matte paints to the bedrooms and living spaces.

Sheet vinyl flooring

This material tends to be thin for the areas with heavy foot traffic, such as kitchen, where quality of flooring really matters. If your vinyl floor is glued down and the underlayment gets delaminated by water seeping from your dishwasher or refrigerator, you will get bubbles in your floor.

Plastic laminate

If you think of installing laminate,steer clear of plastic laminate. It tends to get scratched very easily, looks cheap and thin. In addition, it is not resistant to heat. Besides, there are other options that will work well in a kitchen.

Lacquer cabinets

Like plastic laminate, lacquer can easily be scratched, but not so easily can be fixed. If you cannot imagine your kitchen without the shiny look of lacquer, then choose a more durable option such as thermofoil, which has the same look but will last you much longer.

For more advice on home improvement projects, talk to the pros of House Renovations who have years of experience and necessary efficiency.