4 Ways to Organically Reach More Donors through Medical Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding industry is a major influencer in two arenas in India; nonprofit and medical. Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru saw 10,000 patients in 2017 alone, all raising funds to afford their medical treatment. Without the concept of crowdfunding, these patients may have slipped into poverty due to large loans, been forced to compromise on the quality of medical treatment they received or even worse, simply chosen to not get treated at all.

Similarly, 5,000 NGOs turned to crowdfunding in the same year to fund various projects that sought to tackle poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, environmental issues and so on. Over Rs 600 crores have been raised through crowdfunding India in the past three years alone.

And recently, the trend has been enjoying popularity to a level where countless medical fundraisers, one after the other, have been witnessed to raise lakhs of rupees not in a month or a week, but in a single day! Though a lot of campaigners make use of Facebook and Instagram ads to help reach out to more donors, there are ways to run a successful fundraiser in a short span of time (a few days, if not one!). We’ve listed five here:

Write a fundraiser story that is informative, emotional, clear and sincere

Don’t skimp on details you may think are unimportant, but will matter to the campaigner. How did the diagnosis happen? Why can’t the patient afford the treatment himself? What kind of treatment does he need and how much does it cost? If your story does not answer these questions, you may need to write another draft!

Tip: If you’re unable to pen down your own fundraiser story, select platforms like Impact Guru are willing to get their team of expert writers to do it for you!

Plan your social media strategy ahead of time

To plan how you’re going to promote your fundraiser on social media, you need to know who your audience is. Different kind of audiences uses different social media networks and responds to different things. For example, older audiences may be much more active on Facebook rather than Instagram. Or perhaps you have a bigger social media presence with one network than the other. Figure out how often you’ll be making posts and what kind of updates you’ll post.

Create a short, simple video that will quickly brief your audience

You don’t need to be Spielberg to be able to grab the attention of your audience with a video appeal. You can simply shoot yourself speaking about the patient, how they’re close to you and what kind of treatment they need. This video will be your chance to display some emotion and move your audience into making a donation.

Tip: If you aren’t well-versed with the kind of technology needed to create a video or simply cannot find the time, ask your crowdfunding platform to create a video for you.

Make sure at least 20% of your goal is reached in the first few days

More campaigners out there are learning how to grab attention and platforms are helping them out! If you need to stand out in the competition, get more people to help you promote the fundraiser and make sure your fundraiser does not remain empty! At least 5% should ideally be raised in the first few hours, and your personal networks can help make this happen.

Crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru have seen medical campaigners raise funds in hours. Begin today to help save a loved one in need!