3 Pro Tips to Repair Your Damaged Online Reputation

If you’re looking for practical and effective ways to fix your reputation online, a reputation management plan should be the first thing on your mind. Repairing damaged reputation online needs dedicated effort and tons of patience, and it takes some time before results begin to show.

Whether you’re an industry influencer, a public figure or a jobseeker looking to wipe away an unpleasant past event from public memory, using the right strategies to rebuild your internet reputation is extremely important. This needs time, resources and consistent work. If you feel that you’re not equipped to handle it all by yourself—most individuals and organizations aren’t hire a professional for the job.

In this blog post we discuss three effective strategies to fix your reputation on the internet.

Rebuild and maintain your social profiles

Whether you’re a business or an individual, chances are you already have an online presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To get past a bad review or an unpleasant online event (such as a social media post that attracted negative remarks or an online argument that shouldn’t have happened), start posting positive posts (inspiring, true-to-life posts) and links to informative and engaging online content from your field of work.

Use various social media profiles to gradually rebuild your online image. An earnest attempt to connect with your audience will pay off eventually.

Reach out to your audience through a blog

A blog gives you space to say what you want to say, and if the content is informative and interesting, you’ll get readers. Sites like Medium are perfect for making blog posts, as are authority blogs and websites that allow guest posts.

For instance, if you’re a doctor who received a bad review from a patient, you might like to write about your skill and expertise in your field of specialization and explain how things can sometimes go wrong despite the best of intentions. An honest account of the events that occurred may also help, as it will establish your credibility amongst your audience.

Hire an online reputation management expert

Bad reputation has a huge impact on your prospects if you’re an individual and on revenues if you’re an organization. ORM (online reputation management) companies are professionals with expertise in handling and managing your personal and professional brand, and in dealing with bad content, negative reviews and unpleasant online encounters.

ORM experts evaluate your online presence using various tools and then suggest appropriate plan of action to fix the damage. Note, however, that ORM experts, such as Brightpast.com, are not only image-salvagers to be consulted when things have gone bad. Organizations, professionals, celebrities, politicians, and even jobseekers regularly recruit reputation management agencies to maintain a positive online image through the year.

Upholding a good reputation in today’s digital world is constant work, as one bad review can send your carefully crafted social/professional image down the hill. Consider outsourcing your ORM needs to an experienced reputation management consultant who has the right knowledge and the latest tools for this specialized job.